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About Us

The Brush Crew provides efficient, innovative, and environmentally sound land clearing and restoration.

About UsEstablished in 1979, The Brush Crew at Quality Hardwood Custom Mowing is a full service vegetation and forestry consulting firm. We are dedicated to creating and implementing sustainable and restorative land clearing practices. We assist private landowners and commercial agencies in all areas of land management planning and ecological restoration. Our employees are highly trained within numerous areas of qualification and safety. We pride ourselves on our profound knowledge of land clearing and provide you with the utmost service and attention that your project requires.

Our advanced restorative methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and profound attention toward safety and the environment, allow clients a well-balanced and superior product. Such innovative vegetation practices provide financial returns, protect ecological function and productivity, increase the health of remaining trees and vegetation, and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Whether you need to:

Cut It

Mow It

Mulch It

Dig It

We can handle it!